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About Titi

Antiguan Titi Thwaites, owner of Villa Ordnance, Little Rock Cottages and Tit-Rent-A-Car has been in the hospitality business for over twenty years. As the proprietor of Columbo's Restaurant in the Galleon Beach Resort, Titi entertained, wined and dined the guests and residents of the resort for over twenty years with wonderful Italian Cuisine. His hospitality made this a favourite dining spot for visitors and residents. The amazing Mount Gay Rum Party became a legend under his guidance.

Through the years he has built Villa Ordnance and Little Rock Cottages and he ensures that his signature hospitality is business as usual for his guests and customers. For Titi, no request is too small. Anything that means you will enjoy your vacation is important to him.

About Antigua

Villa Ordnance is built on a bay of the same name, near to where the eighteenth century powder magazine serviced the guns and cannons of the ships and forts of the Royal Navy's Caribbean stations in Nelson's Dockyard. One of the cannons with wheels is called an Ordnance Cannon - hence the name of the Villa Ordnance.

Named after Admiral Horatio Nelson who was stationed in Antigua from 1784-1787, Nelson's Dockyard is the only working Georgian Naval Dockyard in the world and has helped shape a rich tapestry of people, cultures, and history that is very much evident today.

Just to whet your appetite, there are reputed to be 365 beaches for every day of the year. Four of these beaches are within 5 minutes of the villa - Little Beach, Galleon Beach, Pigeon and Windward, as well as dozens of small islands and coves. On lazy days in Antigua walk the beach in sandals, or relax back in the turquoise waters.

With an area of 108 sq. miles, there is a range of inland exploration to do as well including a rain forest and hiking to the highest point at 402m. Antigua enjoys an unbelievably warm yet breezy climate from Dec - May with an increase in humidity for the months of June - November, which creates perfect conditions for the sailing regattas and sporting and cultural events throughout the year:

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta - Where beautiful yachts of 40 years or older enter the race, and sail elegantly in the waters off Antigua the week before Sailing Week.

Antigua Sailing week which is one of the top 5 sailing regattas in the world. More than 150 yachts descend on English Harbour in the last week of April, first week of May each year to race and take part in the many parties and events. It's a great time to visit the area.

Antigua Sport Fishing Tournament - Where fishing enthusiasts from around the Caribbean descend on Antigua in the chase to catch the biggest blue marlin.

Antigua Charter Yacht Show - The most important event of the year for yacht owners, brokers, agents, captains and crew. English Harbour in early December becomes the show case for some of the most beautiful yachts worldwide.

Antigua Carnival - Two weeks of celebration in the last week of July and the first week of August with shows, mas troupes and competitions. Soca music, calypso and vibrant steel band music fill the streets of the capital St. John's.

World Cup Cricket - Catching a test match while on vacation in Antigua goes down as one of the most exciting experiences for many people.